Kenson Goo

A dreamer, developer, and SEO / SEM marketing expert living in Silicon Valley.

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Portfolio #1

JavasSript Widget

A JavaScript Widget that generates interactive graphs on-the-fly. Used by hundreds of paying customers.

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Portfolio #2

Interactive coupon code website. Written in Backbone.JS, PHP, MySQL, and HTM5. It was featured on

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Portfolio #3

Real Time Market Statistics

Use JavaScript, HTML5, and PHP to generate real time market statistics based on real estate transactions.

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Portfolio #4

Bell Curves and Data Mining

Build an on-demand data analytics system of real estate transactions and present the information in easy-to-understand format.

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Portfolio #5

Mobile Real Estate Site

Responsive mobile real estate agent website developed using JQuery Mobile, HTML5, and API written in PHP.

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Portfolio #6

Build the site from ground up and successfully brought in half a million visitors per month using SEO / SEM marketing strategies.

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